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Every 10 minutes an Australian will have a stroke, it can happen to anyone of any age. When a stroke strikes the brain, it kills up to 1.9 million brain cells per minute so the longer it remains untreated the greater the chance of stroke-related brain damage. However, treatment can prevent this. Recognising the F.A.S.T. signs of stroke and acting quickly are the first steps to improving the chances of survival and successful rehabilitation.


The need to reach a culturally and linguistically diverse audience was identified from a recent survey conducted by the Stroke Foundation, where it was found that 32% of CALD households did not understand or know the signs of stroke, in comparison to 10% within English speaking households. Eight language groups were identified as the most vulnerable to stroke, they included; Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi and Korean.


We developed a creative solution which could effectively translate across all nine chosen languages (including English) and provided the same impact as video using stills photography, known as ‘parallax’ treatment. Utilising 2D static imagery we created engaging 3D environments which conveyed a sense of depth and movement.



November 18, 2020

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