beyondblue LGBTI Left Handed

LGBTI Left Handed

    Integrated   Research has demonstrated that experiencing discrimination leads to increased levels of depression and anxiety amongst young people. In fact, homosexual and bisexual people are twice as likely to experience depression compared with heterosexual people. We wanted people to rethink discriminatory attitudes towards the LGBTQI community...

Man Therapy

    Integrated   beyondblue wanted to reframe the conversation around depression and anxiety for a notoriously difficult target market. Men are the worst offenders when it comes to expressing their feelings and associate asking for help with weakness. Dr. Brian Ironwood provided an approachable port of call for...

beyondblue anxiety


    Integrated   Although anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, most people struggle to recognise it or its symptoms. Featuring the distinctive talents of Ben Mendelsohn, our campaign both destigmatised a largely silent disease, as well as helped those experiencing unrecognised symptoms to Know...